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About Us

Why a Campaign for Oral Health

Oral health continues to be a major problem in the United States – especially for low-income families, those without dental insurance, those in dental shortage areas, and seniors. In fact, one in four Americans do not have coverage and of those without coverage two-thirds avoid the dentist because it’s too expensive.

And while oral health is, often times, overlooked and the severity of the implications of poor oral health is understated, the truth is that oral health is significantly important and integral to general health and well-being. Research and studies have shown that poor oral health is linked to many other health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and pregnancy complicaitons. A study by the ADA has shown that people with poor oral health are more likely to be less satisfied with life and even have reduced social interactions. is dedicated to ensuring oral health equity for everyone while also advocating for the need of oral health through advocacy, research, and resources.


Don't have dental coverage


People without dental coverage


Adults who haven't visited the dentist in over a year


40% of kids will have tooth decay by age 5

What Is Doing About It

In order to change how oral health is viewed in America and in order to improve the accessibility to oral health care, especially in underserved communities, is dedicated to enhancing the oral health of all people through research, advocacy, education, and awareness.

We hope to do this by becoming the best resource for oral health by surfacing and supporting esearch, informing the public of our findings, and raising awareness of the importance of oral health through research and resources for those who need help with acquiring or maintaining oral health.


Taking care of your teeth

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Oral Health for Seniors

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Oral Health for Seniors

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Oral Health in 2018

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