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Discover the Best Electric Toothbrush

Originally, around 50 years ago, the first ever electric toothbrush was developed with the purpose of helping people with disabilities to brush their teeth. Although it is often touted as a very sophisticated and complex gadget, it is actually a lot simpler than that! Electric toothbrushes are usually powered by batteries and work by oscillating and vibrating the toothbrush head; though many others move in a rotational circular pattern while they oscillating, while others still rotate their bristles in various directions at the same time.

The brush head movements are powered by an electric charge that comes from the battery stored inside the toothbrush. Generally, the brush head is one of the two main parts of the entire toothbrush and is removable. This is good as it means more than one person in your family or household can share the same handle, by switching brush heads.

 Electric ToothbrushCleaning ModesPrice 
Oral-B Pro 3000 CrossAction Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush3££Check Latest Price
Oral-B Pro 2000 CrossAction Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush2£Check Latest Price
Oral-B Pro 600 CrossAction Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush1£Check Latest Price
Oral-B Genius 9000 Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush5£££Check Latest Price
Philips Sonicare EasyClean HX6511/50 Electric Toothbrush1££Check Latest Price
Hangsun Sonic Electric Toothbrush HT10004££Check Latest Price
Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Electric Toothbrush5£££Check Latest Price

Benefits Of An Electric Toothbrush

If you have not started using an electric toothbrush, then there is no better time to get your hands on one, you won’t regret it! There are a number of key benefits why you should.. and we’ll take a look at them now.

They Are More Effective

Before we go any further, consider these numbers – when using a traditional, manual toothbrush, the average adult is capable of achieving 300 strokes in a minute; whereas, many electric toothbrushes can produce anything from 7,500 to 30,000 strokes each and every time. This increases the amount of plaque you can remove during each brush, ensuring that your teeth are cleaner in general.

Electric are also more effective and efficient than manual toothbrushes because they have as standard, a built-in timer that ensures you brush for the right amount of time. Many actually signal to you while brushing when it is time to move onto another quadrant. Unless you plan on using a separate timer or stopwatch, it can be difficult to know how long you have been brushing each section of your teeth and whether you have been brushing for the full, recommended 2 minutes or not.

They Ensure You Apply The Right Amount Of Pressure

It can be a struggle knowing whether you are applying too much pressure or not when brushing your teeth. If you brush too hard you could start to experience stress on the tooth enamel and receding gums while if you brush too softly it could be that you aren’t brushing your teeth thoroughly enough, leading to a build-up of plaque and tooth decay.

As they do all the hard work for you, electric toothbrushes help you avoid these problems. You simply have to hold the brush at an angle of 45 degrees, turn it on and let it brush for you. Many even feature pressure sensors that tell you whether you are brushing too hard or not.

electric toothbrush reviewsThey Are Easier For The Elderly And Children

Often the elderly, children and people who suffer from arthritis find it difficult brushing their teeth properly. Either they can’t apply appropriate pressure or just find it painful to brush. Electric toothbrushes do a great job of helping people who may have these difficulties by making the brushing process easier for them. Since all they have to do is guide the brush around their mouth, they do not need to worry about straining their hands or wrists.

They Are Better For The Environment

While it is true that you need electricity of some description to power electric toothbrushes, they could be better for the environment than a traditional manual brush. Depending on the head you use, it could take approximately 25 replacement heads to equal the amount of plastic used in just one manual toothbrush. There is also the fact that the majority of manual brushes are not recyclable, compared to many replacement heads for electric brushes are.

What Type Of Brush And What Features Are There?

There are literally thousands of different models of electric toothbrushes on the market right now, ranging from £10 to £200, which makes choosing the right one difficult. Below we have put together a list of the different types of brushes you should look out for, to help make the decision easier.


The bristles on these brushes turn and they are either arranged into a circle that rotates or tufts that spin. These are generally the cheapest electric toothbrushes you can buy.


These brushes have round and small heads that oscillate, rotating in one direction then the other, focusing on one tooth at a time to move more plaque.


There are some rotating-oscillating and rotating brushes that also pulsate to move the brush head back and forth against your teeth while it spins. This additional layer of movement helps to dislodge more plaque, but is generally found on more expensive models.


While these brushes tend to have similar head shapes as oscillating brushes, the tufts all move in different directions to each other.

Dual Head

As the name suggests, these are brushes that combine two heads in one brush, one part that sweeps side to side and the other that rotates.

Side To Side

Another self-explanatory name, side to side brushes sweep from side to side very quickly rather than rotating or spinning.

Sonic And Ultrasonic

Sonic and Ultrasonic brushes vibrate at specifically high frequencies and speeds to break down more plaque. The claim is that sonic brushes drive cleaning fluid that consists of saliva, water and toothpaste between your teeth to help get rid of plaque. These are generally a lot more expensive than rotating brushes.

Our Best Electric Toothbrush Reviews & Ratings

Oral-B Pro 3000 CrossAction Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush


>> Amazon Discount Link for the Oral-B Pro 3000 CrossAction Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush <<

The Oral-B Pro 3000 CrossAction Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush Powered by Braun is a lower priced version of the renowned Cross Action toothbrush line that Oral-B have become famous for over the last few years. It features the standard LED indicators of this line including the pressure sensor on the top that lights up when you press too hard during brushing, the battery charge status light and the charging/plugged in light. To give you versatility even for the low price, the brush has three different brushing modes.

Three Brushing Modes

  • Daily Clean – Thorough cleaning for everyday use
  • Gum Care – Stimulates gums gently
  • Sensitive – Brushes slower for a more gentle clean

Oral-B Pro 2500 Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush


>> Amazon Discount Link for the Oral-B Pro 2500 Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush <<

Similarly to other models in the same line, the Oral-B Pro 2500 Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush Powered by Braun is a lower priced version of the renowned Cross Action toothbrush line that Oral-B have become famous for over the last few years. In addition to the various lights and indicators and the 3D cleaning action you get with this line of toothbrushes, it also comes with a travel case. As a more entry level brush, you don’t get as many options with regards to brushing modes, but the two you do get are sufficient enough.

Two Brushing Modes

  • Daily Clean – General but thorough for use everyday
  • Gum Care – Gentle stimulation for your gums

Oral-B Pro 600 CrossAction Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush


>> Amazon Discount Link for the Oral-B Pro 600 CrossAction Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush <<

The Oral-B 600 CrossAction election rechargeable toothbrush is probably the cheapest model of this great line that you can get your hands on. Even though it is a budget brush, you still get all the LEDs you’d expect from the more expensive models, as well as well as the highly efficient 3d cleaning action, timer and pressure sensor too. The only major difference between this and other models is the fact you only get the one brushing mode.

One Brushing Mode

  • Daily Clean – All you need for thorough brushing everyday

Philips Sonicare EasyClean HX6511/50 Toothbrush


>> Amazon Discount Link for the Philips Sonicare EasyClean HX6511/50 Toothbrush <<

Philips are one of the most popular and reputable manufacturers of electrical goods of all kinds in the world. So it makes perfect sense that their range of oral health care products would of a similar high standard. The Philips Sonicare EasyClean HX6511/50 toothbrush, may appear a lot cheaper than some other models, but it is still jam-packed full of practical features and has been designed to be as efficient as possible. Along with the truly dynamic sonic cleaning action that sets this apart from other brushes, by vibrating and pushing fluid between the teeth to remove more plaque; you also get the expected features such as a quadrant pacer and timer and the bristles handily show sign of wear and tear, indicating when it is time to replace the brush head.

One Brushing mode

  • Clean – Standard and effective brushing for the whole mouth

Oral-B Genius 9000 Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush


>> Amazon Discount Link for the Oral-B Genius 9000 Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush <<

We have reviews of a lot of different Oral-B toothbrushes on this site. However, none compare to the Oral-B Genius 9000 electric rechargeable toothbrush for a variety of reasons. Genius by name, genius by nature, the thing that sets this brush apart from the others is the cutting-edge Position Detection technology it utilises. This enables you to see exactly where you are brushing via your smartphone, so that you can tweak and hone your technique and never miss a tooth again. It still makes excellent use of the 3D brushing action, but has a more rounded head than others in the Oral-B ranges.

As if that wasn’t enough, it also comes with a Smart Travel Case that not only charges your brush, but your phone too and has a choice of 6 powerful brushing modes to choose from.

Six Brushing Modes

  • Daily Clean
  • Sensitive
  • Whitening
  • Pro-Clean
  • Tongue Cleaning