Oral-B Pro 4000 CrossAction Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush Review

oral-b-pro-4000-crossaction-electric-rechargeable-toothbrush-reviewThe world of dental care is a big industry and has progressed somewhat since the earlier days of just three different types of manual brushes to choose from. Rather than there just being that original choice of 2 or 3 different brushes, there is now hundreds of different models and it is not just a case of choosing from manual and electric toothbrushes. You also have to look at a wide variety of electric toothbrushes when you are trying to buy one. Braun have always been leaders in the electrical goods industry and the dental goods category. They are known for bringing that ingenuity and high standard of design and manufacturing found in their other goods, to this Oral-B Pro 4000 Cross Action electric rechargeable toothbrush.

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One of the first things you will notice about this brush is that despite it looking like other brushes in the Pro range, it is little bit cheaper. Aside from that, it is another different colour, as each year, each release, Oral-B make each model a different colour from the previous. Further to all this, it is fair to say that this particular toothbrush is not quite as jam-packed as say the 6000 model and also reflects on the price.

There are the two traditional lights to the bottom of the handle, one that lights up to tell you the battery status, and the other to tell you if the handle is plugged in and charging.

Oral-B Pro 4000 Cross Action Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush Review

The Oral-B Pro 4000 Cross Action Electric rechargeable toothbrush is not only just as lightweight as others in this range, but also not short of a few great features under the covers. It has a nice feel to it in your hands, and although it’s perhaps a little bulkier than other models out there, it is still nice and lightweight and doesn’t feel like a chore or too difficult to hold while you brush your teeth.

There is the light on the top that highlights when you apply too much pressure…this is perfect if you are trying to improve your brushing and oral care and want to take care of your gums better. There is also the choice of 4 different brushing modes, not quite as many as higher models but lots more than the inexpensive brushes available to buy, giving you are a more fuller choice.

Four Brushing Modes

  • Daily Clean – Deep and full, regular cleaning
  • Gum Care – Softer and kinder brush that is best suited to sensitive gums
  • Sensitive – Brush head moves at a lower speed than normal to give your teeth a full, but gentler clean
  • Whitening – Brush uses alternating speeds to work at hard and tough to remove stains by polishing at them

Standard Charging Accessories Included

As there are some of the more expensive, newer models of electric toothbrush that come with a wide range of options such as USB connectivity for charging and various other ways, it is a shame that the Oral-B Pro 4000 Cross Action Electric Rechargeable toothbrush is a bit more of a simple, but effective kind of product. It comes with a 2 pin bathroom shaver plug, a charger base and the handle. There are no special travel cases, but the charging base does double up as a storage and display unit for the handle and spare heads you may already have.

Superior Professionally Tested Dynamic Brushing Action

Although the aesthetics and accessories of a product rare important, they are not the most important. When it comes to electric toothbrushes, the most important aspect of a particular brush model, is that it does the job it was intended to do – as well as possible. The dedication of the company’s design and manufacturing team has ensured it has the same 3D cleaning abilities, with the brush not only rotating and oscillating but also pulsating to remove as much as 100% of the plaque in our mouths, compared to what is possible with a plain old manual brush.

In addition to the 3D cleaning experience, this toothbrush also features a specially angled, 16 degrees Cross Action brush head that gives you a greater ability to reach in the hardest to reach spots.


  • Type: Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush
  • The Cost for Oral-B Cross Action Electric Toothbrush Replacement Heads – 8 Counts at £19.99
  • The box includes toothbrush handle, the charging and storage station, three specific brush heads (a Cross Action, a Sensitise and AA 3D White


  • 4 Different brushing modes
  • 3 different brush heads
  • Lightweight
  • Well constructed and robust
  • Cleans teeth to a high standard
  • On-handle pressure sensor
  • The standard 2 minute/30 seconds brushing timer


  • Relatively low battery life on full charge compared to other electric toothbrushes at a similar or lower price
  • Lacks a travel case

Customer Opinions

It is always very revealing when you take the time to look at a particular product from the point of view of the customers who have in the past or recently have bought an item and have submitted a review of it to a site like Amazon UK. When looking at the customer reviews for the Oral- Pro 4000 it is clear to see that this, much like the other members of the Oral-B Pro range, have been received favourably. The functionality and ability of the brush to clean teeth has been highlighted as a plus along with the slim design and the versatile choice of brushing modes that come with it.

Here are a few comments taken from customer reviews:

“The actual feel of your teeth after using the brush is really fresh and clean, electric toothbrushes somehow seem to make your toothpaste go much further. I’ve been using the cross-action head and daily clean mode and even after only a couple of brushes with the toothbrush, your mouth does feel much fresher.”

“This is a fantastic toothbrush which does the job really well. The only issue is value for money compared to the also excellent performance of lower range models like the Pro 2000”

“Been very pleased with this product so far.”

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What We Think

There are more all singing, all dancing with bells on toothbrushes available in the Oral-B Pro range, but if you are looking for a well made and well designed toothbrush with enough features and options to help you improve the quality of your oral hygiene without breaking the bank as much, then the Oral-B Pro 4000 Cross Action Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush might just be what you need.

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