Hangsun Sonic Electric Toothbrush HT1000 Review

hangsun-sonic-electric-toothbrush-ht1000As oral hygiene has become an even bigger issue since the turn of the century, because of the associated problems of diets with a higher sugar content than ever before and people eating less healthily, the market for electric toothbrushes has expanded and grown dramatically. Whereas before you just had a few different types of manual brush to choose from, then eventually some electric toothbrushes added to that choice; nowadays, the toothbrush section of a store can take up a whole isle almost.

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Hangsun are a popular and innovative electrical appliance company situated in China who are known for making high quality, stylishly designed products that solve consumer and end user’s problems. The Hangsun Sonic Electric Toothbrush HT1000 is another fine example of the attention to detail and manufacturing skills Hangsun use to make all of their products.

Hangsun Sonic Electric Toothbrush HT1000 Features

A lot of toothbrushes have a tendency of being rather bulky and cumbersome to hold. The Hangsun Sonic Electric Toothbrush HT1000 is comparatively lightweight, slick and doesn’t take up more space than is necessary. There is also also a light for the on and off switch, a light for the working mode selection switch and then lights that indicate which working mode is selected and the charge status.

Obviously the aesthetics are important and this model obviously scores high in that department, but the most crucial thing when it comes to electric toothbrushes like this one, is how well it actually does the job it was intended to do. Well, this model is actually a very versatile one and features a total of four different brushing modes.

Four Brushing Modes

Clean – This is the mode for everyday use cleaning and removing plaque
Whiten – Specialised whitening mode runs for 2 minutes to remove tough and stubborn surface stains
Massage – Softer version of Clean mode, helps to massage and stimulate your gums
Soft – Slower and less intense mode meant for people with sensitive teeth and gums

Wireless Charging Included

Unlike many of the toothbrushes on the market, and those we have reviewed on this website, this Hangsun Sonic Electric Toothbrush HT1000 Rechargeable with 4 Brush Modes and 3 Replacement Heads does not feature a 2 pin or even a 3 pin charging unit. It actually comes with a wireless charging base, which obviously helps to save up on space and clutter and makes it all the more convenient for travelling and charging on the go.

Utilises Sonic Cleaning Technology

With a massaging brush head that produces 40,000 vibrations per minute and pushes fluid along the gum line and between the teeth; the Hangsun Sonic Electric Toothbrush HT1000 is more than just a pretty face. As is standard of most modern electric toothbrushes, it also features a unique take on the 2 minute timer in that it turns itself off when the 2 minutes are over.

hangsun-sonic-electric-toothbrush-ht1000-2Another great addition is the fact that it is completely waterproof, so there is no reason to worry about it either being submerged accidentally or splashed.


  • Type: Sonic Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush
  • Included in the box – Whitening sonic toothbrush handle, Travelling charger, 3 Brush heads, User manual


  • Lightweight
  • Four Brushing Modes
  • Wireless charging
  • 2 minute timer that turns the brush off
  • Capable of producing 40,000 vibrations per minute
  • Slick and slender design
  • Illuminates only when in use
  • Uses sonic cleaning technology
  • Waterproof
  • Affordable


  • No travel bag
  • No extra charging capabilities
  • No pressure sensor

Customer Opinions

It is always recommended that you take some time to browse through the customer comments about a product you are buying online before you part with your hard earned cash. This is particularly true, we feel, if the first time you are ever going to get hands on experience with it is after you have bought it. When looking at the comments and reviews section on Amazon for the Hangsun Sonic Electric Toothbrush HT1000, it is very easy to see that it has been a very popular product. Despite there only being 13 reviews submitted regarding it, they have all scored it the full 5 stars – which is nothing short of miraculous, as you generally expect some negative reviews.

Customers seem happy with the relatively low price tag combined with how well it delivers in terms of efficiency and features. The design has been remarked as being a good thing too.

Below are some quotes from reviews by customers about this product:

“Overall, this toothbrush seems to do a great job of cleaning my teeth while having a very soft brush head, coming at a great price and also offers replacement heads at a great price.”

“My teeth never feel fully clean with any other kind of brushing. Takes up very little room.”

“This is a surprisingly good toothbrush and it certainly has exceeded expectations. Teeth feel really squeaky clean, better results than my Oral B and Colgate electric toothbrushes.”

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What We Think

There is not a lot else to say that hasn’t been said before. If you take what has been written about it by the manufacturer and add that to what customers are saying, it is clear to see that this is a product you can’t turn your nose up so easily to. Despite Hangsun not being the most particularly well-known brand, the money saving aspect and high performance of this brush make it a good investment. Always make sure, before buying anything, that it meets your own specific needs and budget. But, if you are looking for a powerful toothbrush for less than some of the better known brands, this is the one for you.

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