How Often Should You See a Hygienist?

hygienistGum health and good dental hygiene is the key to a healthy mouth. This is why, bearing in mind no one really enjoys going to see the dentist or the dental hygienist, we need to attend appointments at the local dentist. Perhaps you are wondering how often you should visit your dental hygienist. We will discuss that in the article below but first of all, we need to look at why you should be going to a dental hygienist in the first place.

Preventing And Treating Gum Disease

Bad breath, painful hums, bleeding gums and loose teeth are all caused by gum disease. Interestingly, gum disease can be treated and prevented from happening again if it is caught soon enough. As well as treating and helping to prevent gum disease from occurring again, your dental hygienist will our Hygienist will not only treat and prevent gum disease, but will teach you how to prevent gum disease from your own home by establishing a better oral hygiene routine.

Preventing And Treating Bad Breath

Bad breath is generally always a dental issue. People seek dental care because of a fear of having or getting bad breath. Often the odour is being released by bacteria lodged under the gum line, where a professionally such as the hygienist can clean properly.

For Whiter Teeth

When you have external stains on your teeth that build up layer upon layer, caused by smoking, red wine, coffee, tea or other things from your diet; they can’t be removed with just brushing. The dental hygienist has a number of methods of teeth whitening at their disposal that they can use.

Preventing Other Diseases

Regular visits to the dental hygienist can help with preventing other diseases as poor oral and dental hygiene has been linked as a cause of respiratory problems, diabetes and heart disease.

Preventing Oral Cancer

During a dental hygienist appointment, as well as checking the health of your teeth and gums, they will also screen you for oral cancer. If it is detected in the earliest stages, oral cancer is very curable and treatable. You will also be told of the risk factors for developing oral cancer and how to limit them. Such risk factors as infection with HPV, alcohol and smoking.

Stopping Your Gums Bleeding

Usually a sign of gum inflammation, seeing blood when you spit after brushing or bleeding gums is usually the result of inflamed gums and is one of the earliest signs of gum disease. It can be reversible if it is caught early enough. The dental hygienist can stop the bleeding by cleaning your teeth thoroughly and working off the hard deposits around the teeth and gums, before showing you how to stop it from building up again.

Improve Your Confidence And Self Esteem

white-teethWhen your mouth feels fresh and clean, you tend to feel better about yourself. If you feel as if your teeth are less stained or whiter, it makes you feel more confident. When your breath feels and tastes fresher, it makes you more comfortable talking with people. Knowing that having healthier gums can affect your health overall, will also help you to feel better about yourself.

Detecting Other Dental Issues

It could be that you are not going to your dentist regularly, but want you get your teeth professionally cleaned. You can book an appointment nowadays directly from most practices, however your hygienist may pick up on other problems such as infections, defective fillings or early decay that would not have been detected otherwise.

To Avoid Losing Teeth

The number one cause of tooth loss in adults is gum disease. When one of your teeth becomes very loose, it can become acutely infected or very painful. This leaves no other option, this far ahead with gum disease, than to extract it. Often its the case a tooth is so loose it falls out on its own. It is always a hygienists number on goal to stop this from happening, treating and preventing gum disease.

For Cleaning Those Harder To Reach Spots

While some people have above par oral hygiene and health. If you are one of these people, although it means you won’t have to visit the dental hygienist as often, it is still a good idea to visit them so you can have your mouth cleaned as effectively as possible.

It doesn’t matter how much you spend on an electric toothbrush or how often and well you brush and floss, you will never get your mouth, especially the harder to reach parts, as clean as a hygienist can. Dental hygienists have at their disposal instruments and tools in just about every size and shape you can think of and the training and experience to know exactly where to look for that hidden plaque and tartar.

So now you know why you should visit the dental hygienist, let’s look at how often you should go.

It really depends on the state of your teeth and how good your oral hygiene routine is. If you look after your mouth, teeth and gums reasonably well; your dentist and hygienist will most likely suggest that you have your teeth cleaned at least two times a year.

You’ve probably heard how important it is to get a professional teeth cleaning to reduce the risk of cavities and gum disease, but how often do you really need to schedule a cleaning? If you have good oral hygiene habits and a healthy mouth, your dentist and dental hygienist will probably suggest that you need to have your teeth professionally cleaned at least once every six months.

There are good reasons why you are given the twice a year, once every six months time frame. Even though a good teeth cleaning will remove the bacteria that causes the plaque as well as the plaque itself, within about 24 to 48 hours the bacteria starts to re-populate your mouth and it’s not far fetched to imagine that there would be some plaque formation after six months. And the longer plaque stays where it is without being dealt with, it will start to calcify into place on your teeth and then you will not be able to remove it.

The only way you will be able to get rid of it is with a trip to the hygienist and their special skills and tools.

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