Getting The Most Out Of Your Electric Toothbrush

best electric toothbrushElectric toothbrushes are the ones that use electric power to brush the teeth and do not need require you to apply strokes on your own. These are used so that the brushing takes place in the right manner and are often used to teach the method of brushing to children.

Getting hold of an electric tooth brush will not solve your problem! You need to get the maximum out of it.
First of all, allow the bristles to reach the desired area. Once the bristles reach the exact area of your mouth, then only can they begin their action and clean your mouth effectively. So, please make sure that you place the brush heads in the proper areas of your mouth.

The shape of the electric brush heads is a bit different from the regular brush heads. So, it is suggested that you get used to these brush heads even before you switch them on. For individualized brushing, the bristles must be placed in between every two teeth and along the gum-line to ensure that you are cleaning the right spots.

It is advisable that you start using the electric brush-heads without toothpaste and using mere water during the first days of washing. Just wet the brush head and begin the brushing. Not finding the idea of brushing without toothpaste cool? Well, you can go for an ACT fluoride mouthwash after the electric brush has performed its task. The main component used in toothpaste that will benefit your teeth is fluoride. So, this alternative of using fluoride will compensate for the absence of toothpaste.

Once you get accustomed to the handling of the brush, you can use paste along with it so that your teeth is completely cleansed at one go. Otherwise, if you try using paste with your electric brush right from the first day, you will fail to learn using it in the right way and getting the most out of the electric brush will just not be possible.

There are two types of electric tooth brushes and the method of brushing differs for the both of them. One of them is the side-to-side sonic brush head while the other one is rotation oscillation powdered brush head.

The side-to-side sonic brush is shaped just like a normal toothbrush and uses a back and forth motion to clean the teeth. You should keep the bristles inclined at an angle of 45 degree to the teeth while using it.

The rotation oscillation powdered tooth brushes, on the other hand are smaller in size and shaped in such a manner that one can clean each teeth individually. Here, you need to use the brush for each tooth for about 5 to 10 seconds so that it gets the adequate time to clean up the tooth. In this type of toothbrush, one must clean the surface of teeth near the gum-line first and then move on to the other side (which is nearer to the tongue). Brush one tooth at a time since the brush is built in that way. Remember to hold your brush horizontally while brushing the premolars and molars and vertically for the incisors and canines. Finally, you should go for the upper surface of the chewing teeth.

Most the electric tooth brushes have mechanisms that prevent one from exerting too much pressure while brushing. Still, it is desirable that you be careful about the amount of force you apply and the way you handle the brush.

Learning the techniques of brushing are not enough for getting the most out of your electric toothbrush. You need to store them and clean them in the proper way. Here are a few suggestions which will help you do:-

  • Never forget to keep extra batteries for your electric brush head so that you can use them whenever needed. Otherwise, it might happen that suddenly, after dinner, you realize that your brush head needs charge and due to lack of batteries you might miss out on brushing that night!
  • While purchasing, check whether there are any sharp points in the brush heads since they might damage your teeth and gums.
  • Wash the brush heads using cold tap water. While washing them, rinse them gently and not in a harsh manner which may hamper with the effectiveness of the brush by spewing the bristles.
  • After washing it off, allow the water to trickle down or shed from the brush head so that it does not remain wet. This is because moist areas are ideal for the growth of bacteria. So, it is better to allow the brush to dry up in between uses and store it at a safe space.
  • Don’t keep the electric brush-heads too near to the sink since they may accidentally fall in the sink water and give you electric shocks in the worst cases.
  • Brush at least twice daily. Regular brushing is as important as proper brushing. It is necessary to brush after each meal. Otherwise, it is pointless spending money behind an electric brush head.
  • The electric brush heads require to be changed after 4-7 months of regular usage.

Cleaning an Electric Toothbrush

Cleaning an electric toothbrush is very important to get the maximum out of it. Before cleaning it, one must understand that the brush head and electric handle must be cleaned separately.

As mentioned earlier, the brush head should be held under the tap and rinsed gently to remove the paste and food debris accumulated in it. Additionally, you should keep the brush head soaked in a solution of one parts bleach to ten parts water for about an hour and then clean and wipe it. This should be done once a month.

As for the electric handle, the same solution may be applied; but in this case instead of soaking the handle in the solution, a cloth may be soaked in the same solution and rubbed against the handle to clean it.

The above guidelines will help you to reap the maximum benefits out of an electric toothbrush in the easiest way possible!

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