How To Eliminate Morning Breath

eliminate morning breath

Are you curious as to how to get rid of bad morning breath? Most of us suffer from unpleasant breath in the morning. It is usually caused by bacteria growing and living inside your mouth and giving off that sulphurous smell like rotten eggs. There’s no real concrete way to get rid of bad breath and stop it from occurring, but there are some practical steps you can take and changes to your lifestyle you can make There’s no sure-fire way to prevent morning breath but there are a few things you could use to lessen the smell.

If You Snore Or Breathe Through Your Mouth While Sleeping, Find A Cure

When you breathe through your mouth or snore, you can cause your mouth to dry up even more than it should. This dryness encourages the growth of bacteria, which can lead to toxic and foul smelling sulphur compounds forming that cause that hideous bad breath in the morning.

You may find oral devices for snoring helpful, but you should always be sure to speak to your doctor before using anything. There are a good number of devices that claim to be anti-snoring without any real scientific or biological evidence to support their claims and use.

Rather, you would probably be better following these tips that could help you stop breathing through your mouth and snoring naturally:

Lose Weight – If you started snoring only after you put on weight, it could be that the fat around your neck and the surrounding area could be compressing your throat causing it to collapse and causing you to snore.

Do you suffer from a regularly stuffy nose? If the answer is yes, you could try relieving the congestion in your nose by using saline solution to rinse out your nasal passages or taking a hot shower before heading to bed.

Cut back smoking as much as you can – Although we know it is not easy, stopping smoking or even cutting back on it could help ease your snoring. Speak with your GP so you both can look at short term and long term goals for heading towards a healthier, smoke-free lifestyle.

Simply changing your sleeping position could help – Try sleeping on your side or the opposite side to the one you sleep on most often now. You can make use of a full size pillow to help you keep the same sleeping position throughout the night.

Try various throat exercises designed to stop you snoring – Exercises like saying the vowels a couple of minutes each day.

Practice Proper Oral Hygiene

Your mouth is one of the dirtiest parts of your body. Even on your tongue there are millions and millions of bacteria and this bacteria is what is responsible for various oral-related diseases as well as your bad breath. The way you fight this bacteria is by brushing, flossing and cleaning your tongue daily.

While it will probably be alright to use a normal toothbrush, you will get on better using a tongue scraper to clean your tongue as almost 75% of the sulphur compounds that cause bad breath reside on your tongue.

Having A Cup Of Tea Could Eliminate It

Whatever you do, beverage-wise, cut back on the amount of coffee you drink as it is very difficult to get the smell of your tongue. If you don’t already drink tea, you should give serious thought to switching to it as it could work as a treatment for bad breath, according to some research. It is probably best to choose green over black tea, as it has more antioxidants and less caffeine and is probably going to be more effective at balancing out the bad odours in your mouth.

Pay Close Attention To Your Diet

There are some foods such as dairy products, garlic and onions that could add to your problem with bad breath. If you think it could be food causing your bad breath or contributing to it you need to think about cutting down on the amount you eat or removing it from your diet completely.

There is also some thought on low-carb diets causing bad breath. This is because when you don’t eat enough cards, your body looks for other energy sources, such as fats. While you are able to burn off most of these fats, doing so produces ketones which come out in your breath and urine.

Use Mouthwash That Doesn’t Contain Mouthwash

As alcohol can dry out your mouth and can encourage even more bacteria to grow, you need to avoid any mouthwash that contains alcohol. There are plenty of alternatives out there.

Try Saliva Stimulants

There are various dry mouth stimulants out there at the moment that can improve the flow of saliva in your mouth. Some you can even use overnight while you sleep. It is recommended that if you wake up and go to the bathroom during the night that you should try and drink some water or swish it around your mouth.

Gargle Backing Soda

Try gargling backing soda before bedtime. This will increase the alkaline levels in your mouth and make it more effective at killing any bacteria found. You can do this by adding a teaspoon baking soda into a cup full of water and gargle the mixture around your mouth at least for a minute. Avoid rinsing with anything else after the baking soda solution.

Be Sure To Eat Fruit With High Levels of Vitamin C

Fruits high in vitamin C will help you deal with bad breath and they are also good at preventing a large number of gum diseases and gingivitis. Make sure you eat citrus fruits and cherries before you head to bed.

Fresh Herbs

As well as stimulating the digestive tract, fresh herbs are also ideal for fighting against bad breath. You could even try a cup of herbal tea late at night or you could just chew on fresh herby leaves all day.

Consume Yoghurt before Bed

The active cultures present in yoghurt can combat bacteria growth. Yoghurt also contain vitamin D which is effective for fighting against plaque.

Quit Smoking And/Or Chewing Tobacco

Chewing tobacco and smoking before bed can increase your bad breath in the morning.

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