5 Successful Ways To Prevent Staining Your Teeth!

stained teeth

Your smile is one of the things that people first notice about you and makes you attractive or not to them. When you have a great set of teeth, you are proud to show them off to whoever you meet. However, it doesn’t really matter how well-aligned, straight and intact your teeth are, when they are horribly stained and yellowy, it can often be a deal-breaker and you will feel less confident about showing them off.

Even if you have perfectly white teeth at the moment, staining still happens as you get older. As you probably know, there are a plethora of different teeth whitening kits out there, but rather than wait for the effects to take place and to have an ultimately tougher job on your hands, there are things you can do now to prevent discolouration and staining from happening or to at least slow down the process.

Here are some measures you can take to ensure that you have a bright and white smile that you are proud of and want to show off.

1. Quit Smoking And Chewing Tobacco

Even though all smokers know that stained and yellow teeth are an unattractive effect from smoking or chewing tobacco, they still do it. If you really want to help keep your teeth white and avoid the nasty stains, you need to get control of your smoking habit. It is the nicotine and tar that stains the teeth. When you smoke these substances settle down on top of your teeth and slowly start to seep down into the openings of the enamel. When this happens, that is when the surface of your teeth starts to turn a brown or yellow colour. The more you smoke, the more intense your teeth will become discoloured.

2. Drink Tea The Correct Way

Although drinking tea is considered to be a healthier beverage than some other options out there, it can still stain your teeth if you are not careful. Especially when you drink tea a few times every day. Have you ever looked inside a mug or cup after tea has been left inside it? How does it look? All marked with a very yellowy stain, isn’t it? Imagine that’s your teeth and that is pretty much what happens.

The easiest way to combat the staining caused by tea drinking is by swishing some water around your mouth after your cup of tea. So what do dentists recommend? You could also just drink a full glass of directly after drinking some tea. Water can wash away the coloured remains of the tea left in your mouth and over your tongue and teeth. If you prefer to drink tea throughout the day though, you should drink one glass of water between each cup you have.

3. Analyse Your Coffee Drinking Routine

Just as tea contributes to the staining of your teeth, so too does coffee. It is not just the pigment of the drink however, it is also the acidity as this can penetrate into the enamel. If you don’t want to give up your coffee drinking habits and routine though, you need to consider upping the amount of milk, cream or water in the cup to reduce the likelihood of staining.

It may also be a good idea to schedule when you drink coffee to times when you can give your teeth a good brush and mouthwash rinse afterwards. If you need to or want to drink coffee throughout the day, you need switch between this very acidic drink and glasses of water to lower the risk of staining.

4. Use A Hydrogen Peroxide And Water Solution Once A Week

This method is sometimes recommended by dentists as part of a weekly complete oral hygiene routine. You need to be careful though, not to over do it as it can cause gum damage and teeth sensitivity. Also, it is important to note that this solution can only be used to keep the stains away and can’t be used as effective treatment if you already have stained teeth.

best electric toothbrushIn order to make this practical and effective solution you need to add just a few 2 to 3% Hydrogen peroxide to a cup of water. Now swish the solution around your mouth for around 30 to 60 seconds. Be careful not to swallow it, spitting it out when you are finished and rinse with water.

You can easily find Hydrogen Peroxide in your local chemist, but you need to be careful not to buy anything more than 3.5%.

Alternatively, you can take one part Hydrogen Peroxide and add it to two parts baking soda to create a natural whitening paste that you can use to brush or rub directly onto your teeth to whiten them. You will then have to leave the paste to sit on your teeth for a minute to enable the paste to take effect and whiten your teeth, being sure to rinse immediately after the you finish.

5. Don’t Neglect To Floss

For most people it is relatively easy to have a daily oral hygiene routine of brushing teeth and rinsing with a high quality antibacterial mouthwash. However, people seem to have problems incorporating flossing into that routine. They seem to easily be able to skip it, when it is just as vitally important as brushing and rinsing for keeping your teeth, gums and mouth healthy.

When you floss at least once a day though, can help to remove food particles and plaque from between your teeth where a brush just can’t. If you don’t floss and these particles stay in your mouth, then the areas between your teeth can start to turn brown and yellow. Worse than that though, they can cause your teeth to decay and eventually move onto your gums with the onset of gum disease.

So really, flossing is just as important as brushing and rinsing with a mouthwash. In fact, many dentists and experts feel it may be the most important part of your daily routine, simply because it can get into places a brush can’t.

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