12 Daily Bad Habits Which You Need to Stop, NOW!

bad-habit-1As human beings there are many things we all do that we know we probably shouldn’t, some of them are worse and more damaging than others. While it is really up to you what you do with your life, your body, mouth, gums and teeth; we would like to take this opportunity to point out some of the bad habits you may have that could do damage to your teeth, either indirectly or directly.

Therefore, if you want to keep your smile white and your teeth in one piece and properly aligned; we recommend that you either stop the habits listed below or greatly limit them as they can have a very big impact on your dental health, but also your overall health too.

Overeating And Binge Eating

Generally speaking, if you are binge eating, you are not eating healthy food and are probably eating a lot of food and ingredients that are high in sugar, fats and other damaging things. Binge eating, as it should go without saying but is worth repeating, can pave thee way for a whole host of serious issues including poor dental health, obesity and even eating disorders. Too much junk food and not enough healthy and fresh fruit and veg can wreck your teeth.

Chewing Or Crunching On ice

This is something that we have all undoubtedly done once or twice in our lives. It’s a terribly bad habit and one that a good number of people have had and maybe you still do. While it may seem very harmless, it can actually chip and break your teeth if you are not too careful.

Grinding Teeth

Whether it is something connected to your sleep or a nervous tick, grinding your teeth is a really bad habit that could result in various problems such as TMJ and loss of enamel. If you regularly grind your teeth and also suffer from regular headaches, it may be worth speaking to your doctor or dentist about getting a tailor-made dental night guard for your teeth.

Crunching And Eating Hard Candy

You should look at eating and crunching down on hard candy as a dual danger for your teeth as the hardness alone could cause your teeth to chip and crack, while the high sugar content could cause enamel erosion, which would eventually lead to gum disease, if you didn’t do anything to rectify the situation. If you love to and want to continue eating hard candy, try something that is made from Xylitol.

Eating Softer, Gummy-Style Candy

habit2Although they are much softer and spongier than hard candy, gummy bears and sour worms for example, are jam-packed with sugar. Therefore, if the truth be told, you really shouldn’t eat them at all, but we know you will. If you must then, you should always brush your teeth and floss after each time you eat candies.


We all know the dangers of smoking and if you don’t, you should. Not only can it cause bad breath and serious conditions like lung cancer, but it can also discolour your teeth. With all the inflammation and options out there when it comes to giving up smoking, there really should only be one choice in your mind.

Wine Drinking

There is absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying a few glasses of wine or something stronger. However, it is worth noting that many of these drinks are filled with reasonable quantities of acid in these drinks, which can cause detrimental effects to your teeth and gums. The key with this is to only drink wine and other spirits in moderation.

Drinking Fizzy Drinks, Especially Colas

Consider the fact that the acid found in fizzy drinks can be used to remove the corrosion from the terminals on car batteries. It is easy to envision that they could damage your teeth if you drank them too much. It is okay to have the occasional soft drink, but your teeth, gums and mouth will appreciate it if you set yourself the goal of trying to switch 90% of all the fizzy drinks.

Coffee Drinking

One of the biggest culprits for stained teeth is drinking coffee. With this fact combined with the fact that you may have sugar in your mug of coffee and may drink many cups throughout the course of a day, the combination means it won’t be long before your teeth are yellow, dull and maybe cracking.

Failing To Have A Good Oral Hygiene Routine

Aside from brushing your teeth twice a day, there is actually a lot more you can do to keep your teeth and gums in good health. You should really be looking to brushing your teeth at least 2 to 3 times a day and flossing too. To add an extra dimension to your routine, you should also use an antibacterial mouthwash, preferably one without alcohol as this can be drying for the mouth,

Competing In Sports Without A Mouth Guard

IT doesn’t matter whether you are playing football, lacrosse, hockey, competing in martial arts or involved in any other contact sport – it only takes one badly timed move to result in an accident that damages and even ruins your teeth. It is therefore a good idea to get hold of a mouth guard to protect your pearly whites.

Using Your Teeth As Tools

It is always tempting to use your teeth any time you see the words “cut here” or “ tear here” isn’t it? However, this is an easy way to chip or break your teeth. So the next time you think about opening something, holding something or operating something with your teeth that was designed to be used with something else,, stop and get the right tool for the job.

We know old habits die hardest, but when your teeth are involved and potentially at risk because of unhealthy habits, we are sure you will agree that it may be time to re-evaluate and look into ways of cutting these habits out once and for all, where possible.

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